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New palm B scanner SS-2V(Veterinary) launch
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The advantage of the instrument is very good image quality, more than 10,000 image store, support USB U Disk storage, by battery can use morethan 2 hours, these are the other similar products from other company very hard to do.


•Palm structure
•6.4 inch TFT LCD with high resolution
•Full digital beam forming technology
•Thousands of frames permanent storage, without loss of the image when power off
•256 frames cineloop
•Low power consumption
•USB 2.0, PAL-D port, Support high-capacity U disk storage
•Various animal body marks for swine, bovine, equine, sheep, feline
•Animal measurement and analysis automatic computing table for canine, bovine, equine, sheep, feline

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SS-2 catalog

>>Detail information

SS-2V catalog


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