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 Biochemical Analyzer >> SH-800 Veterinary Fully Auto Hematology Analyzer
SH-800 Veterinary Fully Auto Hematology Analyzer
Biochemical Analyzer
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The system is a 3-part differentiation of WBC.It is advantaged at digital technology,auto-relocation separatrix,intelligent flush,dual measuring technology (with time and volume)to ensure precise of the test results. 

The instrument is fully automatic operation, without manual, put the sample on the sample needle below directly, press the start switch to complete the test.
And it has an automatic function of cleaning the sampling needle, the test results CV values is more accurate.

1. Electrical resistance for counting,hemiglobin-cyanide method and SFT method for hemoglobin
2. 3-part differentiation of WBC 20 parameters + 3 color histograms(WBC/RBC/PLT)
3. Low sample consumption:Venous Mode:9.6ul; Pre-diluted Mode:20uL
4. Windows operation system with keyboard and mouse input
5. Up to 12,000 sample results inclusive of the histograms
6. More than 12 animal species can be tested,such as: Dogs, Cats, Horses, Cattle, Goats, Monkeys, Mice, Pigs, Chooks, Rabbits, Panda, Tiger and so on
7. Display with 8.4'' LCD,resolution as 640 X 480
8. Intelligent float discriminator and manual adjustment
9. Auto sample probe cleaning,auto sleeping and wake up
10. Intelligent PLT histogram fit technology to improve the precise of PLT
11. Update the kind of animal specie and test parameter
12. Built-in thermal printer,optional external printer 
13. Embedded sample processing and measuring unit
14. Automatically clean sample needle


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