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SP-200 Veterinary Infusion Pump
Infusion Pump
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• Large LCD color screen, all data synchronized displayed, easy to operate
Accurate control, flow rate accurac as high as 5%
• Adjustable flow rate:1ml/h - 1300ml/h
• Two integrated ultra-sound bubble sensors, accurate and reliable
• High quality occlusion detector, accurate and reliable
Have fast discharge and auto-controlled multiple KVO function and (even when the infusion process has completed, can keep keep the patient's vein open efficiently)
• Infusion rate can be displayed by "mL/h" or "drop/min", flexible
• 5 type of infusion sets can be applied, diverse and flexible
• Solid appearance design, easy to clean and sterilize
·Equipped with big color LCD screen
·A variety of breathing patterns
·Can real-time detect multiple parameters
·Good compatibility, can be connected with any anesthesia machine
·Suitable for a variety of infusion tubes

Heat function (option), ensure that infusion in the colder countries or regions, the tube won't encounter cold and deform, also won't affect the accuracy of the infusion because of the lower temperature.  
• Waterproof level: IPX1

Technical Data
• Power consumption: ≤30VA
• Dimensions (H*D*W): 245X180X170mm
• Net weight: ≤2.4kg (without accessories)
• Electrical standard: Class I
• Electrical type: Type BF
• Main power: AC 100-240V, 50Hz/60Hz
• Internal power: Ni-MH battery 9.6V (fully charged, ≥4hrs at 25mL/h)


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